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About us

Here in the heart of yarn country in historic Uxbridge, Massachusetts, Kathleen opened Yarn-Shop in 1998. Yarn Shop is a family business run by Kathleen Paquin and her beloved family.

Spool winding machineYarn-Shop was built with the understanding that the business is not defined by the product. It is defined by our relationship with the community. We offer what our patrons want, yet will freely give seasoned advice to those that inquire. Often times our customers know what they want when they walk into Yarn-Shop. They may not always know how to find their way, however. That is why we are in business. We pride ourselves in assisting our customers towards the many paths and places knitters love to travel.

Our customers rave that our service is unparalleled. We seek to fill each customers’ needs as if their projects were our very own. Our experienced instructors each with different leanings, methods and ideas are extremely devoted. All of us at Yarn-Shop, from the shipping staff to the knitting crew, have the desire to help our knitters get the job done and hopefully, along the way, satisfy our knitters’ spirit with something they truly want and need.

We believe that yarn is profoundly more than just a ball of string that gets unwound and made into clothing. The mere act of knitting and crocheting during our classes or at home is often considered by our customers as a medium full of support and enrichment. Yarn-Shop recognizes that knitting and crocheting are art forms and methods of expression not defined by the product, but by the act of creating something that is deeper and more fulfilling than that which can be bought or sold.

We look forward to you joining us in our online and shop community, helping us build the knitting family that we have grown so fond of.

We hope you enjoy your time here at the online Yarn-Shop!

Please also visit us at the Yarn Shop in historic Uxbridge, MA. for more of your favorite yarns from various manufacturers.